And So It Has Begun!


Hello There!  We have officially started our homeschool year and so far, it’s going great.  With the exception of a few things that I had to print last minute (meaning I realized when my son was already working on the particular subject) we had a smooth day.  Yesterday, even though it was labor day, I had him go over all his core classes, just to get a feel for what he would be doing in the coming days.  He didn’t do any actual work in those classes, just looked over everything for an orientation of sorts.  I did have him read his Bible passages and answer 4 simple questions, as well as copy the word of the day and artist of the week in their respective journals.  We also did PE/Health yesterday as we needed to get out and exercise anyway.  Today was our first day of ALL his classes and he seems to like them.  We didn’t follow the schedule after the morning though.  He wanted to do his PE/Health stuff and then power through all other classes, in a different order, not stopping for lunch.  So, I just made him a sandwich and he just kept on working while he ate.  He likes to get things done ASAP, so this may become our norm.  Time will tell.  One thing is for sure, I am making sure we go back through and double check that he completed EACH subject.  He and I both almost skipped his World History class completely.  (Because we didn’t follow the schedule)  It wouldn’t have been a big deal if we had, as its simple enough to catch back up, but its no fun to have to do extra work the next day.  So, I wrote a reminder on our bulletin board, to double check everything.  Its a good thing for both of us!


Our bulletin board… oh, and a messy baking rack.  Yes we homeschool in the kitchen!

I have also put a note up on our board to remind him to write his name, in cursive, and the date on every worksheet and on anything in his composition books.  Why do I do this, when he is my only “student?”  Well, the date on the work is for my sanity, so when looking back over everything I know when he completed it.  But having him put his name on it and in cursive…?  Well, I do that for him.  I want him to be able to sign, at the very least, his name, with speed and precision.  You see, I had noticed, in recent years of him being in public school, there was a sharp decline in teachers wanting students to write in cursive and even more recently a even sharper decline of teachers focusing on teaching good penmanship, print or cursive.  Everything is done on a computer, is the typical reasoning.  Another is that the teachers just don’t have the time.  I think both my boys briefly learned cursive in the 3rd grade and it wasn’t taught for very long during that year they did learn it.  After that, my oldest only had one teacher require that a paper be done in cursive.  My youngest(14) has never had a teacher request Anything be all in cursive.  This year is where that changes.  While the great majority of his work will be done on a computer, I want him to practice his ability to write neatly, in cursive.  Dying art?  Some seem to think so.  Maybe it is.  If that’s true, then I guess this is just another type of Art I’ll be teaching him this year.  

Hope you are having a great start to the school year… home school, public school, private school… whatever kind of school, make it a good one!  I will be back soon!  

Have a GREAT day!  




3 Days until we begin…


Planning, planning, planning!

Hello There!  I just had to jump on here and  blog a little bit, as we are nearing our starting date of our homeschool year!!!  YAY!  I am so excited to jump right in and have my child learning the way he should!  I have a feeling this year will be full of fun, some struggles(what year isn’t) and a whole lot of learning!  At the top of my list is for us to get out and explore more.  We have field trip plans to go to all the wonderful museums in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and there are a Lot of truly amazing ones!  Also on our list, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.  You know, where they make the money.  We have visited before, when my kids were little, so a re-visit is in order.  It’s a pretty cool place!  Also, another place that will be fun and educational is the Mrs. Baird’s bread plant.  Where they make some truly yummy bread… and snacks too!  I don’t know what makes it so fun visiting a factory like that, but we have always loved it.  

So, visiting all these places will be great, but I want and need to keep a record of it.  And while I have visited many web sites looking for the right Field Trip log and schedule to suit us, I just wasn’t finding what I wanted.  Most seemed geared toward little kids… not what a 14 year old would want.  So, I created one myself.  It’s short, simple and to the point.


Nothing fancy, but it keeps track of what he’s learning on our trips and I have a record of it, from his perspective.


Again, nothing fancy, but it’s my schedule for my Planner.  As I schedule where we will go, I can just jot it down and keep all that info in one central place instead of just on the calendar.  This is my “official” schedule area.  Ha!


Last, but certainly not least…

I found a really great GOALS page over at EDUCATION POSSIBLE… Check em out!  I didn’t know really what I was looking for as far as a goal setting page, but there it was.  YAY!  I thought this would be the perfect thing for the first day of school.  We can talk about our mutual goals for the year as well as what is expected of him… and me!


Well, that’s it for me tonight!

 Hope you have had or will have a wonderful start to your school year!  





Artwork and Home School Planning

Hello again!  Whew! I have been keeping myself busy.  Even when I’m not busy, I busy myself with something or other.  For instance, I am readying myself and my son for home schooling coming up here pretty soon.  Yes, other “schools”, public, private and homeschool have already begun, but I have chosen to wait until after Labor Day.  Gasp!  Yes, the time kids Use To start back to school… that seems like a long time ago in a galaxy far far way!  Anyhoo, I figured I would share a bit of my planning and planner right here, with you.  But first I thought i would share a bit of pyrography that I have been working on.  Now, please note, this is not yet even near finished.  Much more to go with this one, but I thought I would share what I have been doing…

This is my tedious little eagle that I just HAD to do.  Its taking a bit more of my time than the usual wood burned artwork, but that’s okay, as I think this one is going to turn out really pretty. (You can even see my crossed pistols in the background, that I posted here a while back.)

Now, on to the main things I have been working on… SCHOOL!  


(Above is my white-board(dry erase) that has the calendar, schedule, reading list, and will have the word-of-the-day and artist-of-the-week.  It is a large EXPO board that someone was getting rid of and I got it Free!  The dry erase markers, seen on the bottom left of the board, are magnetic, have an eraser on the top of each one and I found them at Dollar Tree.  3pk for a $1!  Can’t beat that!  The Lists/schedules are taped to the board using a thin duct tape I also found for $1 and can be removed easily as I need to change things out.)

I chose an online curriculum for my son, but plan to mix it up and use other things as well.  We are using All In One High School for the basis of his learning, as I have found it has many things that I believe he will both enjoy and benefit from.  This is NOT a virtual school and I don’t plan on using one of those.  I did look into it for him and his older brother started out using a virtual homeschool… though we did NOT stay with it for him.  I have many reasons for this, but mainly because it follows a school districts set plan and allows just as little flexibility with schedules as a standard, brick and mortar, public school.  You still have to attend virtual lessons at preset times(that you cannot miss), you have to go along with the exact curriculum, and you cannot slow down if you need to make sure you understand something and you can’t move ahead if you are done quickly.  Which leads me to the next point… you STILL have to spend almost as many hours a day/week as a standard school(even if you finish ALL your work in a very short amount of time) and if you don’t, you will not be in “attendance” for that day. Needless to say, that was not for my oldest when he was in school and it most certainly is Not for my youngest.  So, if I am not doing that, what am I doing, you ask?  Well, I have have chosen standard, as well as different courses from that, that you would find in a public school.  

The tentative daily schedule is as follows…

Word of the day and Artist of the week, Breakfast & Bible reading, Computer, PE/Health, Algebra 1, Oceanography, World History, English 1, ART

And in addition to the online curriculum that we will be using I am adding Word of the Day and Artist of the Week. This is quick, simple work that can be done without difficulty, but can and will be beneficial as I will choose words and artists that are different and possibly new to him.  At the end of the year he will have a brain full of an entirely new vocabulary and so many artists and their works, some that he will not have even heard of previously.

As I am making breakfast he will copy the word of the day from our white board and look up/write down it’s definition in his notebook.  He will also have to write a sentence using said word.  

Artist of the Week is similar, consisting of…

(day 1) Writing down the artist’s name from the board and looking up birth/death dates

(day 2) Writing down where they were born and died

(day 3) Writing down notable traits or facts about them

(day 4) Choosing 3 favorite works of the artist and printing them out for the notebook

(day 5) He will write down what kind of art this artist creates/created.  In addition to that, he will have to write down 2 other artists that create(d) similar types of work.  

Here is a look at the front of his assignment binder…

Note the paper taped into the left front pocket.  This is the weekly/daily schedule for him to follow.  Each week I will write one of these out and place it in his binder.  Most times things will not change, but if they do, it will be noted here.  As you can see on the right side of the binder, it starts with Bible.  This will consist of the chapters and verses that he needs to read for that day as well as 4 daily questions that he will answer on what was read.


I also have a reading checklist(above) for his reading outside of school time.  This is very important to me as well as him.  He Loves to read so much!  At the top of his must-read list this year are all of the Harry Potter books, Armada & Ready Player One.  He has read only but a few of Harry Potter’s adventures so he wants to read them ALL, as well as his other favorites that he has read and re-read several times, Armada and Ready Player One.  I have no problem with this as long as we mix in some classic literature in there as well… and we will.  I have a LIST.  


Here are a few things that I have included in my “teacher” binder.  I need places to put lists and calendars(above) and lots of stuff like that, as well as attendance sheets and grade sheets.(shown below) I printed these (that are a part of a really cute planner) from The Frugal Homeschooling Mom.  Check it out!

I have no idea if I will use the 6 week(not pictured), 9 week, 12 week(not pictured) or Monthly pacing guides, but I am glad I have them… you know, just in case.


Lastly, here is just a simple attendance sheet that I will be using for those classes that require little to no actual “book work” or “normal grading”  Something just to keep us on track and so there is a record of it for that class, mainly for my peace of mind!

Well, I surely hope that you enjoyed a glimpse into my world of homeschooling.  I am sure I will be posting more very soon, especially in the few days leading up to our school start date as well as after we start.  

Have a great day!



Back To School Sales…In Full Swing!


Hello there!  I hope your summer has been as fun as ours.  If you are like me, I’m sure your are readying yourself for back-to-school time!  As I have stated before, this is the best time of year to stock up on supplies for school and/or your home office.  I take full advantage every year, sometimes, much to the chagrin of my hubby!  LOL  So, I ran into a deal this weekend that I had to share and I’m sorry to say by the time you read this, the sale will be off. (I almost missed out entirely myself!!!)  But I wanted to share anyway, to show you the kinds of deals that can be had on things that aren’t necessarily JUST for school kids. Many of you already may know that Office Depot/Office Max, just like everyone else out there was having there back to school sales.  I just assumed they were on par with everything else I’d seen and had not really paid much attention to them, as I THOUGHT I was done with shopping completely.  Not so fast!  Last night I see a commercial for Office Depot that is advertising SHARPIES for $3.  This caught my attention.  These little markers are popular around our house… ok I think Some of us are obsessed with em.  Ahem… me!  Anyway it wasn’t just a 3 or 4 pack of em… it was a rainbow assortment of 12! (you could get single color 12 packs too) OMG I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!  They also had EXPO dry erase marker 4 packs on for $3, but they were out of those, as well as the regular Fine Point Sharpies. 😦  BUT the Ultra Fine Point sharpies were on sale for the same price and I scored 3 packs of those.  YAY ME!  And then, later in the day I went to a different store and they were out of everything… except single color 12 packs of sharpies… and yes I grabbed a pack of those too.  LOL  I can’t help it.  Anyway, here’s a few other things I did get on sale as well…(in the photo above)

BIC Atlantis pens 3 pack for $2 and Office Depot brand ball point pens for 1 cent.  Yep, they were 1 cent if you spent over $5.  YAY!  I am SOOOO happy I scooted in before this sale was over.  I didn’t get everything I wanted, but hey I got a super deal on what I did get!  

 I hope everyone is finding some good deals out there!  If I see any, hopefully before the sale is off, I will totally share that here too!




Back to homeSchool…


Yep, it’s that time of year again, when moms and dads send their kiddos back to school.  And many, like me, will be venturing into homeschool.  I have done this with my older child, from preK-3rd grade.  He then attended 4th-9th in public schools until that became too much for us both and we reverted back to homeschool for the duration of his high school time.  He has since graduated and now it’s his younger brother’s turn at the high school homeschool.  With my first one, pubic school was difficult for him.  Not in a social sense, but from an actual educational standpoint, he just couldn’t learn in that environment.  And what do we do when something isn’t working… change it!  With my younger child, school has never been difficult.  He learns at a fast pace, enjoys class and does exceedingly well at everything.  But he isn’t really what you would call a social butterfly… he isn’t the kid that goes to tons of events or participates in lots of sports or plays instruments or does boys scouts.  Nope.  He does none of that. (not to slight anyone whose kids do these things, but its just not in his wheelhouse)  Public school Junior High was good for him, but he admitted that is was overwhelming to him at times, especially at first, when only a few kids from his elementary attended the same JH.  He asked me about halfway through 7th grade if he could home school in High School like his brother did.  I thought about that long and hard, and more and more it seemed like a better fit anyway.  We can work at his pace, instead of him in a class where he works faster than everyone and has to wait to move on to the next thing.  Also, he can learn more than just core classes… he’ll be learning more advanced computing skills than he’s already learned, we will be able to study a wider range and more advanced sciences and delve deeper and spend more time on Art, which just isn’t always possible in a traditional school setting.  And the age-old question of, “what about socialization?”  Well, I, as many homeschoolers do, HATE that question.  My child can be social, he just doesn’t like to do that all day every day. And No, I do not Make my child play any sports.  Why does that bother so many people, or why do I get the disapproving stare and/or the condescending “oh…” from some moms when they find out?  He has played ice hockey before, he enjoyed it, but it ran its course.  All the time and effort put into sports just wasn’t worth it to him.  

Anyway, all that was to say that we are proudly homeschooling and while I am not terribly bothered by the “well meaning” what-ifs and opinions from family members or other moms, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous.  Yes, I have my curriculum we will be using all set to go.  Yes, I have most of our school supplies bought.  Yes, I have a planner and grade book and schedule for our day.  All that being said, I am still nervous.  I want him to succeed.  I want him to love school and love the flexible schedule that will allow us to do what we want and need to do.  I want him to achieve his goal of attending college and becoming an architect.(this is the current career of choice)  I guess these are all things any parent wants for their child(ren) but in my case, the education falls to me.  This is a blessing, yes, but is also the most nerve racking thing ever!  That’s why I’m getting us ready so early, I suppose.  We aren’t starting until Sept. 6th so I have plenty of time to get it all together… including myself.  Ha!  


Pictured above is my “grade book” for the year.  This, I am so proud of.  It’s part planner, part grade book, part calendar, part daily schedule.  I love putting things like this together.  I feel like things are better if there are plans and schedules and lists.  LOL

Oh, I also want to add, I LOVE the fact that I always over buy school and office supplies every year.  I purchased a few folders and spiral notebooks this year, because they are super cheap, went to put them away and discovered my school supply cabinet was already FULL!  I had folders and spirals and composition books and pens and pencils and… well you get the idea.  I had apparently bought a LOT last year and forgot about it.  Oh well, we’re stocked for this year and maybe next.  YAY!  

Oh, and if you haven’t already, GO BUY(and stock up on) YOUR SCHOOL SUPPLIES NOW.  This is the best time of year to score the lowest prices on all manner of supplies.  And right now, you can find everything you need, not as easy to do as we get closer to the start of school.  Also… Once school actually starts for all the public schools it becomes darn near impossible to find some of the things on the school lists.  The seasonal aisle goes from school stuff to halloween stuff in like the blink of an eye!

Anyhoo… Y’all wish me luck!  

(BTW I will be posting the occasional homeschool update in the midst of all my other blogging as well, so stay tuned for additional ramblings by me.)

HAVE A GOOD DAY!  More Soon…

RK~~~THE CraZy mAmA


Well, Well, Well…Look Who’s Finally Back At It AGAIN!


So, yes, I have been absent for a while.  Yes, I said I would be better about that.  In my defense, life gets in the way occasionally.  Busy with family and projects, I just had trouble finding the time, energy and mental fortitude to write.  So, here I am, back at it… again.  Will I say that I will be posting more often?  Yes, I certainly will…try!  This summer we have been spending more time together as a family and it’s been awesome, so I really don’t mind when I slack on blogging or even projects.  Never fear, I will blog, there may just be an occasional hiatus.  Especially here in a few months when we start homeschooling.

Now, on to my real reason for being here.  I have been absent from blogging, but not absent in the realm of my projects.  I have been working on my pyrography skills more and have begun to enjoy it more and more.  (which I didn’t think was possible)  So, now for a few new little things I created…


What we have here is a few practice runs.  I had never tried anything as small as the dragonfly at the bottom, nor anything as intricate as the larger dragonfly or bee.  To put it in perspective, that tiny dragonfly could be covered with your thumb.


This whole scene came about after I made the one deer on the left side and decided that he needed friends and trees.  In fact, I have added even more trees to this since snapping this photo.

And lastly, my most recent work of art… pistols with wings.  This was detailed, time consuming work… a true labor of love though.  (Below is the photo negative of my wood art after messing with it in my photo editor and I am kinda obsessed with it.)

2016-07-29 23.50.31

Next up, when things cool down a bit and I can stand to work in my garage, I will finally get my table finished as well as another little keepsake box I’m working on.  Until then I plan on coming up with new, challenging things I can create on wood, using pyrography.  

…So, I was going to sign off here, and save sharing the goings on of our trip to Waco for another day, but seeing as how I am in a writing mood, I figured, why not now?  Right?  I know it doesn’t transition seamlessly from the previous stuff above, but who said my blog had to make sense.  No one… especially not me. LOL 

We had originally planned a trip to Galveston, but when time and money became a bigger factor at the moment, we decided to can the trek to the coast and opted to take a short, day trip to Waco instead.  (it’s just 1 1/2 hours away)  Most people wouldn’t know what to do there, as they don’t know WHAT’S there to begin with, other than Baylor University.  Well, as fans of HGTV’s show Fixer Upper, we knew that Magnolia Market and Magnolia Flour are there.  So, we loaded up the “Family Truckster” as my husband calls his SUV and we headed down there to see what kind of things we could find to do.  


Firstly, we did want to visit Magnolia Market and see what Chip and Joanna Gaines have made into an insanely popular place to stop.  Along with the Market, there is the bakery, a large green space for families to play, food trucks to get some lunch and plenty of tables in the shade to sit, eat and relax.  I was not disappointed!  It was hot, as it is Texas after all.  It was crowded, as it is summertime and Waco sits right off I-35… so TONS of people stop there on the way to other destinations.  Other than the manageable crowd, it was nice.  I love the farmhouse style that their home goods are centered around and its always fun to browse new, funky places.  I even bought me a t-shirt with their logo on it.  


(I did blur out peoples faces to the best of my ability as I don’t want to post someones picture without their permission)

What impressed my kids the most was Magnolia Flour… their little bakery, filled with the most decadent and delicious treats.  Best. Cupcakes. Ever!  I’d go back there just for those and so would my kids.  YUM!  


After Magnolia, we went and had a bite to eat and then headed over to the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum.


If you are fascinated with Old West history, this is the place.  It’s educational, historical and, well, it’s so awesome to see all the old memorabilia from Ranger’s long ago.  Especially cool were the badges that they wear and how they have changed over the years as well as… well I’ll just say it, the guns.  They had historical weapons galore at this place and my boys, hubby included, couldn’t stop oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over them.  Frankly, neither could I.  It’s a neat place, doesn’t cost much to get in and if you visit the visitors center first, located right next door, you can get a dollar off each admission.  

Other things you can do… visit the Dr Pepper Museum.  We didn’t this time as we have been there before.  There is also the Mammoth Museum, which I think would be neat.  Maybe next time… Oh yeah, there Will be a next time.  It’s so close to us and just that small drive feels like we are a world away.  My youngest loves family trips… or anything involving the whole family… and he must have thanked us 100 times for taking him on our little trip.  So worth it right there!




Dinner and Projects and Mother’s Day, oh my!

Hello All!  I am here, once again to share some money saving moments I’ve had, what I am making for dinner tonight and the result of projects and the start of a new one.

So to kick it off… I am making Chile Rellenos for dinner.  I love these things!  I don’t always stick to traditional ingredients either… I mean, what is traditional when there are 100s of ways people make them.  This is just one of many ways I have made them.  Sadly, I am the only one in my home, consisting of 4 of us, that actually eats them.  Oh well, more for me!  But never fear, these guys are gonna get my homemade tacos, so its all good!  The recipe for these particular Chile Rellenos…?  Well I will include it at the end of this post, in case you want to try some for yourself.  My main reason I thought about making these was that I was at a local flea market and at this flea market they have MANY vendors selling fresh produce at great prices.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, they had Hatch Peppers, which happen to be my favorite!  $2 for a whole basket?  Yes please!  I also got avocados at an incredible price as well… who can pass up avocados?  Not me, that’s for sure!

Another good deal I found today?  Well, I was shopping for a mothers day gift, for my mom and headed over to Sears.  I love this place.  They actually have some really nice clothing and stuff for women and they discount their clothing all the time.  Today, we had  $10 in Sears points for women’s apparel so that was our first stop to see if they had anything worth while.  And, boy did they.  I found three very nice tops, all on sale, yay me!  The awesomeness didn’t stop there.  I was all set to use my sears points and then the cashier took off an extra 20% off AND my $10 in points!  Not sure if it was a mothers day sale or clothing sale or what.  All I knew was that it was awesome to spend $20 on three VERY nice tops!  Again… Love that place.  

So, now, to switch gears again… PROJECT UPDATES!

I finally finished the Anniversary gift for my parents as well as the finished Batman v Superman symbol I made for my youngest.  Oh and I started a 2 NEW projects.  Big surprise huh?  Yeah, I know, I can’t stop myself.


Yep, they are celebrating 55 years of marriage!  This is a small keepsake box I made them and lined it with blue felt so my mom can put jewelry in it or my dad can put coins in it and either will get scratched.  (I will add a photo of the inside later.  Not sure what happened to it.)


This is the Batman v Superman symbol that I made just for my son and he hung it proudly on his wall.  He really likes it.  It IS batman after all!


So, this is a little sign I’m making for my entry way.  I cut all the wood slices from cut limbs from crepe myrtles in our yard and burned in the letters.  The piece of wood below is yet another cut of wood I am reusing and re-purposing.  I can;t wait for this to be done.  Its gonna look so cute!

So this is my latest project.  I decided to make a reclaimed wood table.  I finally bought those spindles at the little junk shop that I spoke of before and thought they would make great table legs.  Well, when I got em home, they were much too long for a small side table, so what was a girl to do?  I doubled the size of the table and now I am working on a sofa table/occasional table that can be put really anywhere and be used for decoration or be used in the kitchen as an extra prep area.  Cool, huh?  More on this soon!

Now, for that recipe I promised.

Chile Rellenos Cassarole

Yes, I know it sounds odd, but for me, who really hates to fry anything, I promise it works and tastes really good!

What you need:

4-5 Hatch Peppers(or any kind you like for these)

Cheese to fill peppers (go with what you like.  I have used everything from queso fresco to mozzarella sticks)

bread crumbs

2 cans, 16 oz each, diced toamtoes

1/2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp oregano

1/2 medium onion

1/2 pepper diced, of your choosing.  (I used a little hatch and a little red bell, gives the ranchero sauce, sweet and heat that way)

1 tsp (or more if you like)garlic powder or granules(you can use fresh cloves and those would need to be sauteed with the onions and peppers

salt and pepper to taste

Ranchero Sauce

Get the sauce going first as you want all the lovely flavors to meld together and get all yummy!  In a skillet heat a few tablespoons of olive oil, or whatever you have on hand, and sautee the onion, pepper and garlic, if you used fresh cloves.  Cook till onion is slightly translucent.

Pour your cans of diced tomatoes in a sauce pan with the cumin, paprika, garlic(if using powder)and salt & pepper.  Add your cooked onion and peppers and still well.  Bring it up to a light boil, then turn down to simmer, covered, for 15 minutes or so. You can turn off the sauce after about 15 minutes and leave on the burner covered and it will be fine, until the Rellenos are ready.


Take each pepper and rub with olive oil to coat lightly.  Place on middle oven rack and turn on BROIL.  Blister the peppers until they are pretty well charred, turning every so often with long tongs.  They will look black and bubbly but the inside is perfect.  Once they are blistered around the whole pepper, place them in a glass or metal bowl(no plastic bowls) and cover with a lid or plastic wrap, tightly.  Give em at least 15 minutes in the “sauna” bowl, but you can leave em longer if you think the skin may be particularly difficult to get off.  Now, here is the messy and fun part!  Once the peppers have steeped long enough, remove them carefully.  You can pull the top stem right off and discard and you should now be able to pull the skin from the pepper with ease.  Once all peppers have been skinned, cut a slit down one side and open the pepper flat. Scrape out all the seeds and ribs.  You will now have hands coated in pepper seeds.  You’re welcome.  LOL  After all the peppers are clean, the construction begins.  Take a casserole dish and sprinkle bread crumbs in the bottom to just cover it.  take half of the peppers and lay them flat on top of the bread crumbs.  Now is the time for cheese.  I find when making a casserole, go for your fave flavor of shredded cheese and sprinkle as much or little as you like.  Next, top with remaining peppers and sprinkle the peppers with a good coating of bread crumbs.  Boom!  Done!

Place in the oven at 375 for 20-25 minutes, checking often.  The top will get a little brown and the cheese will be melty.  Cut a big chunk off for yourself and coat with Ranchero Sauce… and maybe a little sour cream or guacamole. ENJOY!


see ya next time…