Its Been a While… When Homeschool and Life happens


Why yes, it HAS been ages since I posted.  Let me tell you, between the second semester of homeschool, still trying to adjust to the new schedule of having my son at home(which you think I’d be used to by now) and all our many other goings on, I may have neglected this blog a weeeeee bit.  So, let me start off by saying hello and I’ll just right in.  

After the Christmas season break we got back into homeschool, albeit slowly, and that was ok.  I tried to keep us on track as much as possible and I think I did a pretty decent job of it.  Well, I say *I* did, but mostly it was my son who manages to keep himself on track and get his work done it a timely manner…well, most of the time anyway.  He works independently and that is very important to him.  One thing that definitely changed, as a result of his wanting to work independently, was that we had been starting his school work around 10am or so, but since January schoolwork has been moved to later and later in the day, sometime being done at midnight.  Did I mention we are night owls?  Honestly, it doesn’t bother me, he’s a teenager and if he is getting his work done and he works better at midnight than 10am I’m all for it.  Especially when he decides he wants to complete the next days work as well so he can skip a day.  AHHH, the beauty of homeschool.  He loves his new way of doing school, especially when he has some say in what classes he takes and when he does his work.  Now, I say he has SOME say, not all.  Meaning that he does still have to take the core math, english, science and history stuff, but as far as electives that’s up to him.  And that is something which we will discuss in the near future so I can prepare for next school year, but lets not think about that now.  Right now, I look back fondly over this school year as a learning experience for both of us.  For my son, it was a new and different way of learning as he had been in public school from Kindergarten through 8th grade.  Telling his brain to slow down and take his time was something I had to remind him of while still in PS, so he didn’t make silly mistakes.  With homeschool I had to remind him that taking his time was ok and even important now because he didn’t have some school deadline to meet, even though he typically got things done quickly and efficiently anyway.  As for me, I had to learn how he learns.  Let me put that a little clearer.  I homeschooled his older brother for k-3rd and then again in high school.  His learning process was COMPLETELY different that his younger brother. Big bro was visual, had to learn things in small increments so as to keep his attention on the task at hand.  He is a pro procrastinator.  HA!  Little bro is also visual, to an extent, but more of “I’ll do this in my head.” Very cerebral I suppose, and very goal oriented. He likes to get his days work, write down what he needs to do, complete it and sometime complete the next days as well.  He tries to procrastinate, but he never quite succeeds.  HA!  I guess he cant get his mind off his work if its not done for the day.  But anyway, all this to say I had to learn as well.  I had to learn how he learns, how he thinks, how he likes to complete his work.  And I’m okay with that.  Even though he isn’t in a public school and we don’t do traditional “school times” he has a structure and order to how he goes about his work…one of his own doing.  Good grief, if only I could be that disciplined!  ha!  This just works for us.  He loves his independence and treasures the quiet.  Junior High was already too full of drama for him and it puzzled him why kids were the way they were, as he sees the world from more of an adult perspective, I suppose, which at 15 is amazing and I’m a little envious.  If only I could have seen through the drama at that age!  And he even told me before I pulled him from public school, “I don’t want to go to the local high school, its too peopley…too much drama.”  And yes, while the world may be full of drama after high school, we can choose what situations we want to be in…we can distance ourselves if we so choose.  He wanted to distance himself from that, for the sake of learning, not in spite of it.  So, with ALL of that being said, we close the book on a good 9th grade year and welcome 10th grade with open arms…well, not yet, but SOON, very soon!




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