WOW! Where did this year go?


As we come to the end of the Christmas season and the the end of another year I am trying not to reflect back too much on what has been, as much as what can be.  Yes, there has been good, really good in fact, but there has also been bad and downright ugly.  I won’t go into my thoughts on politics or celebrity deaths or whatnot, it only fuels some peoples internet-anonymity-driven fires.  That’s not what this is about.  This is about reflection of a personal nature and looking toward a future with hope and dreams and some common sense as well.  

I am excited about beginning the 2nd semester of homeschool with my 9th grader and he absolutely loves it!  The first semester went so well… I call it a success for sure!  Just gotta get printing on assignments for him starting back next week… wow time is flying isn’t it?  

I look forward to getting myself healthier, as I have slacked off in that department quite a bit.  Holidays, amiright?  You have no idea the amount of cookies and other sweet treats I created.  Too many!  That’s how many!  The smell of sugary goodies in my house was almost unbearable…hey, I said almost!  HA!  Seriously though, I have had maybe two cookies and two tiny pieces of baklava… go willpower!  

I also look forward to doing a savings jar again.  Now, it may not seem like much to some, but to us it was a good chunk of cash-ola that paid for some summertime fun!


All I did was get a $1 plastic container from dollar tree, cover it in duct tape(yes, I has cherry duct tape…I used it for roller derby, on my skates) and then make my weekly date sheet of what to put in it and on what date.  I just put in cash once a week, starting Jan 1 with 50cents and each week increase it by 50 cents.  By the time I reach June 11, there at the bottom of my list, I will have $150 in the jar, plus whatever random change I add here and there outside of the set amount.  Now, if I choose to keep saving, at this point I will probably just add $10 a week for the rest of the year.  Much more than that and it can become a nuisance.  Like I said, to some this may seem like a tiny amount, but honestly, $410+ by the end of next year sounds amazing to me, just by throwing a little cash in a jar each week.  This may be a yearly thing for us now.  

Lastly, I look forward to being more comfortable in my own skin.  This has always been hard for me, even if I don’t show it.  I worry about what I look like, what others will think and if someone will think bad of me or laugh because of my choices in clothing, hair, etc.  Lately though, I have all but abandoned those unimportant thoughts and just went with who and what I am.  I like clothes, don’t like shopping because I am not a size 2, but guess what, I don’t have to be in order to be me.  So I shop with pride now.  I have bought clothes recently that I would never have bought before but I love them and guess what, they fit and no one stared or laughed or poked fun at me.  Not that I care now.  I have also gotten many tattoos this year(yay!) with an appointment to get another next week.  Did I ever think I would be a 40-something mom getting tatted, especially with my adult son, NO.  But there we were, a month ago, at the shop together… he paying for mine as a birthday present to me.  Awww!  Anyway, my point in all this is that THIS IS ME!  I will be me and be happy about it…it took me a long time to find my confidence.  But DAMN am I glad I did!  This year I will continue this confidence, I will continue home education for my child and I will be the cheapskate that I am, shopping sales, making my own stuff and saving every penny in a jar.  I like me.  2016 me was good, but 2017 me is gonna be GREAT!


This is me, the CRAZYMAMA



From CrazyMama RK!


2 thoughts on “WOW! Where did this year go?

  1. Valerie says:

    Good for you – about everything!! Wow, that’s a great way to save $$! We throw coins in a jar all year but just spare change (which we’re about to count on Sun!…but I really like the idea of having an amount to put in each week, going up by 50 cents/week. And reaching $150 by June?! Fantastic!
    How fun to get a tattoo with your son! I’m not a tattoo person, but I can’t wait until my tummy is flat and I go get my navel pierced! It’s sort of silly to even think about doing as an adult but as you said, this is me! And I really want my belly button pierced! 😛
    And yay for successful homeschooling – that’s great! We homeschool, too. I have an eleventh grader, seventh grader, kindergartener…and six month old. 😉 Crazy days, lol.

    • Hey there. Sorry it took longer than I thought to respond…holiday stuff was crazy! Thanks for the comments!
      My coin jar system serves us well for that extra fun many in the summer. And my kids thought it was incredible that we had so much just with that little bit each week!
      BTW, belly rings are awesome. Rock it! I figure, my choices now, as an adult, in the way of tattoos or piercings are far more thought out and something I enjoy more than anything I did as a 19 year old kid. LoL. Still Love my depeche mode tattoo I got when I was 20 though. Ha!
      Homeschooling my kids has been the best decision and with my youngest, he is the one that spearheaded the whole thing, asking Me if we could homeschool him in high school. Go figure. Like I minded though. It’s truly a blessing for us. Honestly I couldn’t see him in a regular high school setting now anyway and neither can he.
      Whew, sorry such a long response. LoL
      Thanks again for reading. I should be adding a new blog post soon!

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