Wow, time flies!


I swear I blinked and its been two weeks since last I posted.  Where does the time go?  It went sailing by, just like the clouds above.  Anyway, it started with being sick just as my youngest child’s birthday rolled around, then I got better only to get sick again with something else completely unrelated.  Bit of bad luck there!  Only I could manage that!  I really hate being sick, because I really hate not being able to do everything I need to do.  I somehow manage to do most of what I need to anyway: taking my boys here and there, making dinner, washing dishes, washing clothes, etc., etc.  Oh and HOMESCHOOL!   As I type this I am finally at the end of a week+ long illness.  I am much better, but it still sucks!  We have managed to get school done every day, regardless of me being sick, and still get out and do things FOR school that we needed to… as well as work on some sculpting artwork.


Above plaster work: Pedestal for a POP! vinyl figure, carved by my son(not finished) and a paperweight/pen and pencil holder with our homeschool initials, carved by yours truly(also not finished)  More pics to come!!!

 Yesterday we even made it to the State Fair of Texas… something the whole family looks forward to every fall!  We ate lots of fried, delicious food and looked at lots of pretty cars and trucks at the auto show, as well as said “What’s up!” to Big Tex.  Oh, and we walked… A LOT!


All in all, the last few weeks have been super busy, even with me not running at full capacity.  We will have lots more homeschool art to post soon, as well as(hopefully) some wood crafts from me… I still need to finish that table I started months ago!  UGH!  Just when it cools off a little, and its a good temperature to get out and work on my woodworking, I get sick.  It figures!  Lots more soon, I promise!  




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