Our First Week Completed!

Just a little what’s-up date…

Whew!  Our first week of school is officially in the books!  It was pretty smooth sailing and we got a lot done.  All of my sons classes are very straightforward and too the point and he likes that.  He has even taken to getting up earlier than me so that he can do his Bible and other routine morning assignments ahead of time.  This way he can take a break until I get up and then we start on his core classes.  For his PE class we, at the very least, walk everyday.  We also add in strength training if we go to a local park, as they have outdoor exercise equipment along the walking path, which is an awesome thing I must say.  I am super excited that PE is working out.  He can tend to be one of those kids that doesn’t Want to exercise, but with this class, I think he finds it more interesting and different.  Luckily, when the newness of this wears off, there is also an indoor pool at a local recreation center, as well as an ice rink not too far.  Plenty of options that’s for sure.  Aside from all that, I am just trying to keep up with paperwork… attendance, grades, printed worksheets, etc.  After we were done yesterday, I immediately set out to print out any worksheets for next week, as well as all his Bible reading assignments for the whole week.  I am gonna stay on top of this!  I know, it’s only the first week, but I have to set a goal for myself in order to keep it all in line.  Also, I created a student ID and have planned a field trip to art museums for next week.  That should be fun!  

Well…That’s all for now!

Have a great weekend and a great week next week.

More soon…




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