And So It Has Begun!


Hello There!  We have officially started our homeschool year and so far, it’s going great.  With the exception of a few things that I had to print last minute (meaning I realized when my son was already working on the particular subject) we had a smooth day.  Yesterday, even though it was labor day, I had him go over all his core classes, just to get a feel for what he would be doing in the coming days.  He didn’t do any actual work in those classes, just looked over everything for an orientation of sorts.  I did have him read his Bible passages and answer 4 simple questions, as well as copy the word of the day and artist of the week in their respective journals.  We also did PE/Health yesterday as we needed to get out and exercise anyway.  Today was our first day of ALL his classes and he seems to like them.  We didn’t follow the schedule after the morning though.  He wanted to do his PE/Health stuff and then power through all other classes, in a different order, not stopping for lunch.  So, I just made him a sandwich and he just kept on working while he ate.  He likes to get things done ASAP, so this may become our norm.  Time will tell.  One thing is for sure, I am making sure we go back through and double check that he completed EACH subject.  He and I both almost skipped his World History class completely.  (Because we didn’t follow the schedule)  It wouldn’t have been a big deal if we had, as its simple enough to catch back up, but its no fun to have to do extra work the next day.  So, I wrote a reminder on our bulletin board, to double check everything.  Its a good thing for both of us!


Our bulletin board… oh, and a messy baking rack.  Yes we homeschool in the kitchen!

I have also put a note up on our board to remind him to write his name, in cursive, and the date on every worksheet and on anything in his composition books.  Why do I do this, when he is my only “student?”  Well, the date on the work is for my sanity, so when looking back over everything I know when he completed it.  But having him put his name on it and in cursive…?  Well, I do that for him.  I want him to be able to sign, at the very least, his name, with speed and precision.  You see, I had noticed, in recent years of him being in public school, there was a sharp decline in teachers wanting students to write in cursive and even more recently a even sharper decline of teachers focusing on teaching good penmanship, print or cursive.  Everything is done on a computer, is the typical reasoning.  Another is that the teachers just don’t have the time.  I think both my boys briefly learned cursive in the 3rd grade and it wasn’t taught for very long during that year they did learn it.  After that, my oldest only had one teacher require that a paper be done in cursive.  My youngest(14) has never had a teacher request Anything be all in cursive.  This year is where that changes.  While the great majority of his work will be done on a computer, I want him to practice his ability to write neatly, in cursive.  Dying art?  Some seem to think so.  Maybe it is.  If that’s true, then I guess this is just another type of Art I’ll be teaching him this year.  

Hope you are having a great start to the school year… home school, public school, private school… whatever kind of school, make it a good one!  I will be back soon!  

Have a GREAT day!  




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