3 Days until we begin…


Planning, planning, planning!

Hello There!  I just had to jump on here and  blog a little bit, as we are nearing our starting date of our homeschool year!!!  YAY!  I am so excited to jump right in and have my child learning the way he should!  I have a feeling this year will be full of fun, some struggles(what year isn’t) and a whole lot of learning!  At the top of my list is for us to get out and explore more.  We have field trip plans to go to all the wonderful museums in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and there are a Lot of truly amazing ones!  Also on our list, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.  You know, where they make the money.  We have visited before, when my kids were little, so a re-visit is in order.  It’s a pretty cool place!  Also, another place that will be fun and educational is the Mrs. Baird’s bread plant.  Where they make some truly yummy bread… and snacks too!  I don’t know what makes it so fun visiting a factory like that, but we have always loved it.  

So, visiting all these places will be great, but I want and need to keep a record of it.  And while I have visited many web sites looking for the right Field Trip log and schedule to suit us, I just wasn’t finding what I wanted.  Most seemed geared toward little kids… not what a 14 year old would want.  So, I created one myself.  It’s short, simple and to the point.


Nothing fancy, but it keeps track of what he’s learning on our trips and I have a record of it, from his perspective.


Again, nothing fancy, but it’s my schedule for my Planner.  As I schedule where we will go, I can just jot it down and keep all that info in one central place instead of just on the calendar.  This is my “official” schedule area.  Ha!


Last, but certainly not least…

I found a really great GOALS page over at EDUCATION POSSIBLE… Check em out!  I didn’t know really what I was looking for as far as a goal setting page, but there it was.  YAY!  I thought this would be the perfect thing for the first day of school.  We can talk about our mutual goals for the year as well as what is expected of him… and me!


Well, that’s it for me tonight!

 Hope you have had or will have a wonderful start to your school year!  





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