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Yep, it’s that time of year again, when moms and dads send their kiddos back to school.  And many, like me, will be venturing into homeschool.  I have done this with my older child, from preK-3rd grade.  He then attended 4th-9th in public schools until that became too much for us both and we reverted back to homeschool for the duration of his high school time.  He has since graduated and now it’s his younger brother’s turn at the high school homeschool.  With my first one, pubic school was difficult for him.  Not in a social sense, but from an actual educational standpoint, he just couldn’t learn in that environment.  And what do we do when something isn’t working… change it!  With my younger child, school has never been difficult.  He learns at a fast pace, enjoys class and does exceedingly well at everything.  But he isn’t really what you would call a social butterfly… he isn’t the kid that goes to tons of events or participates in lots of sports or plays instruments or does boys scouts.  Nope.  He does none of that. (not to slight anyone whose kids do these things, but its just not in his wheelhouse)  Public school Junior High was good for him, but he admitted that is was overwhelming to him at times, especially at first, when only a few kids from his elementary attended the same JH.  He asked me about halfway through 7th grade if he could home school in High School like his brother did.  I thought about that long and hard, and more and more it seemed like a better fit anyway.  We can work at his pace, instead of him in a class where he works faster than everyone and has to wait to move on to the next thing.  Also, he can learn more than just core classes… he’ll be learning more advanced computing skills than he’s already learned, we will be able to study a wider range and more advanced sciences and delve deeper and spend more time on Art, which just isn’t always possible in a traditional school setting.  And the age-old question of, “what about socialization?”  Well, I, as many homeschoolers do, HATE that question.  My child can be social, he just doesn’t like to do that all day every day. And No, I do not Make my child play any sports.  Why does that bother so many people, or why do I get the disapproving stare and/or the condescending “oh…” from some moms when they find out?  He has played ice hockey before, he enjoyed it, but it ran its course.  All the time and effort put into sports just wasn’t worth it to him.  

Anyway, all that was to say that we are proudly homeschooling and while I am not terribly bothered by the “well meaning” what-ifs and opinions from family members or other moms, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous.  Yes, I have my curriculum we will be using all set to go.  Yes, I have most of our school supplies bought.  Yes, I have a planner and grade book and schedule for our day.  All that being said, I am still nervous.  I want him to succeed.  I want him to love school and love the flexible schedule that will allow us to do what we want and need to do.  I want him to achieve his goal of attending college and becoming an architect.(this is the current career of choice)  I guess these are all things any parent wants for their child(ren) but in my case, the education falls to me.  This is a blessing, yes, but is also the most nerve racking thing ever!  That’s why I’m getting us ready so early, I suppose.  We aren’t starting until Sept. 6th so I have plenty of time to get it all together… including myself.  Ha!  


Pictured above is my “grade book” for the year.  This, I am so proud of.  It’s part planner, part grade book, part calendar, part daily schedule.  I love putting things like this together.  I feel like things are better if there are plans and schedules and lists.  LOL

Oh, I also want to add, I LOVE the fact that I always over buy school and office supplies every year.  I purchased a few folders and spiral notebooks this year, because they are super cheap, went to put them away and discovered my school supply cabinet was already FULL!  I had folders and spirals and composition books and pens and pencils and… well you get the idea.  I had apparently bought a LOT last year and forgot about it.  Oh well, we’re stocked for this year and maybe next.  YAY!  

Oh, and if you haven’t already, GO BUY(and stock up on) YOUR SCHOOL SUPPLIES NOW.  This is the best time of year to score the lowest prices on all manner of supplies.  And right now, you can find everything you need, not as easy to do as we get closer to the start of school.  Also… Once school actually starts for all the public schools it becomes darn near impossible to find some of the things on the school lists.  The seasonal aisle goes from school stuff to halloween stuff in like the blink of an eye!

Anyhoo… Y’all wish me luck!  

(BTW I will be posting the occasional homeschool update in the midst of all my other blogging as well, so stay tuned for additional ramblings by me.)

HAVE A GOOD DAY!  More Soon…

RK~~~THE CraZy mAmA


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