Well, Well, Well…Look Who’s Finally Back At It AGAIN!


So, yes, I have been absent for a while.  Yes, I said I would be better about that.  In my defense, life gets in the way occasionally.  Busy with family and projects, I just had trouble finding the time, energy and mental fortitude to write.  So, here I am, back at it… again.  Will I say that I will be posting more often?  Yes, I certainly will…try!  This summer we have been spending more time together as a family and it’s been awesome, so I really don’t mind when I slack on blogging or even projects.  Never fear, I will blog, there may just be an occasional hiatus.  Especially here in a few months when we start homeschooling.

Now, on to my real reason for being here.  I have been absent from blogging, but not absent in the realm of my projects.  I have been working on my pyrography skills more and have begun to enjoy it more and more.  (which I didn’t think was possible)  So, now for a few new little things I created…


What we have here is a few practice runs.  I had never tried anything as small as the dragonfly at the bottom, nor anything as intricate as the larger dragonfly or bee.  To put it in perspective, that tiny dragonfly could be covered with your thumb.


This whole scene came about after I made the one deer on the left side and decided that he needed friends and trees.  In fact, I have added even more trees to this since snapping this photo.

And lastly, my most recent work of art… pistols with wings.  This was detailed, time consuming work… a true labor of love though.  (Below is the photo negative of my wood art after messing with it in my photo editor and I am kinda obsessed with it.)

2016-07-29 23.50.31

Next up, when things cool down a bit and I can stand to work in my garage, I will finally get my table finished as well as another little keepsake box I’m working on.  Until then I plan on coming up with new, challenging things I can create on wood, using pyrography.  

…So, I was going to sign off here, and save sharing the goings on of our trip to Waco for another day, but seeing as how I am in a writing mood, I figured, why not now?  Right?  I know it doesn’t transition seamlessly from the previous stuff above, but who said my blog had to make sense.  No one… especially not me. LOL 

We had originally planned a trip to Galveston, but when time and money became a bigger factor at the moment, we decided to can the trek to the coast and opted to take a short, day trip to Waco instead.  (it’s just 1 1/2 hours away)  Most people wouldn’t know what to do there, as they don’t know WHAT’S there to begin with, other than Baylor University.  Well, as fans of HGTV’s show Fixer Upper, we knew that Magnolia Market and Magnolia Flour are there.  So, we loaded up the “Family Truckster” as my husband calls his SUV and we headed down there to see what kind of things we could find to do.  


Firstly, we did want to visit Magnolia Market and see what Chip and Joanna Gaines have made into an insanely popular place to stop.  Along with the Market, there is the bakery, a large green space for families to play, food trucks to get some lunch and plenty of tables in the shade to sit, eat and relax.  I was not disappointed!  It was hot, as it is Texas after all.  It was crowded, as it is summertime and Waco sits right off I-35… so TONS of people stop there on the way to other destinations.  Other than the manageable crowd, it was nice.  I love the farmhouse style that their home goods are centered around and its always fun to browse new, funky places.  I even bought me a t-shirt with their logo on it.  


(I did blur out peoples faces to the best of my ability as I don’t want to post someones picture without their permission)

What impressed my kids the most was Magnolia Flour… their little bakery, filled with the most decadent and delicious treats.  Best. Cupcakes. Ever!  I’d go back there just for those and so would my kids.  YUM!  


After Magnolia, we went and had a bite to eat and then headed over to the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum.


If you are fascinated with Old West history, this is the place.  It’s educational, historical and, well, it’s so awesome to see all the old memorabilia from Ranger’s long ago.  Especially cool were the badges that they wear and how they have changed over the years as well as… well I’ll just say it, the guns.  They had historical weapons galore at this place and my boys, hubby included, couldn’t stop oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over them.  Frankly, neither could I.  It’s a neat place, doesn’t cost much to get in and if you visit the visitors center first, located right next door, you can get a dollar off each admission.  

Other things you can do… visit the Dr Pepper Museum.  We didn’t this time as we have been there before.  There is also the Mammoth Museum, which I think would be neat.  Maybe next time… Oh yeah, there Will be a next time.  It’s so close to us and just that small drive feels like we are a world away.  My youngest loves family trips… or anything involving the whole family… and he must have thanked us 100 times for taking him on our little trip.  So worth it right there!




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