Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na… Batman!

No, I haven’t completely lost my mind… well at least not yet.  This is all about my son and his love of all things superhero, especially BATMAN!  Fascinated with the most recent Batman v Superman movie and knowing what my hobby is, he recently asked me if I could make him a wood burned bat symbol  for him to hang on his wall.  I told him, “of course” and then asked him, “which one, because you know there are SO MANY different incarnations of that symbol.”  He asked me if I could do the Batman v Superman one, thinking I would say no, but I in fact said yes!  Needless to say he was elated!  I am keeping him in on it every step of the way, so he sees the progress and knows how close it is to being done… lets just say he is not a patient guy.  LOL So without further ado… my latest project…


As you can see, its got a little ways to go, but so far I am liking it and think its coming out great.  But, most importantly, my son loves it!  Of course, like all my other projects, it will be posted here when its done.  I think I will have to have 2-3 blog posts as just my project reveals… the list is building!!!

So, that is my SHORT blog post for today!

Enjoy your day… until next time…

* * *Crazy Mama* * *


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