Trying Not to Burn It Up!


So recently, as I have stated in previous posts, I’m working on a few different projects.  These projects have begun to take more of my time than I originally thought, but I am purposely taking them slow so I get them right, or as close to what I consider right, without working and reworking too much.  And, as I have also stated, they involve my current favorite art medium, pyrography.  

This is the lid to a little cabinet/box I’m making for our house. The first pic is after I had burned in just the outline and the second is after my first pass of shading it.  It has much more to go, but pyrography is not for the impatient, that’s for sure!


And this is the lid to the keepsake box I’m making for my parents anniversary.  It too has more to go… I need to clean up the lines of the spirals and possibly add more, before it gets sanded and stained.  The “1961” part is a separate, thin piece of wood that will also be sanded and stained and then glued, as it sits in this picture.

What I struggle with, as many artists do, is knowing when to stop… when to say when… when I should walk away and leave it be.  God that is so so so hard to do!  But on the same token, if I keep fiddling with it and trying to make it “perfect” it will soon become quite the opposite, especially with the wood-burning medium.  Less is definitely more!  So, what I do, when I am working on a large piece, I tend to work a bit and then “play” a bit, using a small scrap of wood to practice designs on and No Matter What I make sure I go slow.  Know why?  Well, if going slow, a small mistake is just that, small.  If going too fast, what looks to be a small mistake can amount to a huge mistake that may be difficult to fix.  A gouge or a line that isn’t straight will be caught sooner and fixed easier if you take the time.  Well, that’s what I keep telling myself.  I do suffer from impatience, especially on larger projects and then I try and hurry and then, wouldn’t you know it…MISTAKE!  So, if I have been working a while and do find myself getting antsy, its time to walk away.  I turn off the wood-burner and take a step back.  I might snap a photo of my work and even show others my progress, like I do here.  Overkill on an art project, especially this medium is Never a good thing! Can I get an Amen?!? LOL

Well, that’s my rambling for today!  Hope you enjoyed!  Please come back soon!  I will add more weekly!

Oh, BTW, I hope you enjoyed the picture of roadside bluebonnets above.  No, it has nothing to do with this post, but aren’t they pretty!  They make me happy!

CrAzY MaMa~~


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