So Many projects, So Many messes!

So, here I sit with So much to say and not much of it goes together.  Let me start by saying that if this blog post seems a bit random and jumps topics, I apologize.  I have lots going on right now and am excited by so much of it.  I will try and keep it to a minimum.  LOL


Woodworking has taken over my spare time and I could not be happier.  My husband jokes that I use his power tools more than he does these days and while its funny, its very much the truth.  I’ve even bought some new stuff myself and he’s bought me a few things too. As you can see(above) I use nearly everything and make a huge mess in the process, but it sure is fun!  My latest thing I got is a pneumatic palm nailer and it makes life so much easier!  Below is a box I have begun, that will become a keepsake box for my parents anniversary.  Its at the very beginning stages as I just cut and nailed the wood together today.  I did add hinges to just the box(not shown), but not the lid as of yet.


While it is rough and will remain “shabby” in appearance, it is meant to be that way, as is the larger box I had previously said I was making, but was still only in pieces when I posted last. Below is this larger box, all together with a hinged lid.  Will be sanded and stained, as well as a painted Texas flag on the top with a wood-burned shape of the state and possibly bluebonnets.  These things will be happening in the next few days.  Stay turned for more pics of this project!  I cannot wait!!!

Now, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with a recent(unfinished) pyrography project, but as it began to take shape I liked it more and may now become a wall hanging on its own or even a lid to a keepsake box or…who knows.  I just like it and I know I’ll like it even more when its completely finished!  See for yourself…

As with anything I post about here, I will make sure to post the completed project!


Now, lastly, a bit of jumping topic…I warned you.  

As you probably know, if you have read any of my other posts or know me personally, I like to CAN fruits and veggies and jams.  I love mason jars and have many new plain  and purple ones, large and small.  But as I was out in my garage a few weeks back my eyes spied something I’d not seen before…an old “Moms Mason Jar.”  Because it had come from an old house we used to live in and it moved with us and had been used as a paint jar probably decades ago, I didn’t even notice it.  It was coated inside and out with paint, but for some reason as I went to work on some project I needed to move it and realized just what it was.  I was so excited find it!  And I was even more excited to find it had no chips or cracks in it and it cleaned up perfectly!  Then, as I stopped by a place that has antique/junk kinda stuff I found some antique BALL canning jars(great condition), with lids too!  Jackpot!  As I said, I love canning jars, especially the antique variety!

Maybe I’ll go back for more…or maybe the old glass milk bottles they had…or the old wooden spindles…or the antique glass doorknobs…

Have a GREAT DAY!  More soon…

CrAzY MaMa~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~


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