Well, The Sun Sets On Another Spring Break!


I can’t believe it!  This week went by so quickly and not much to show for it.  Well, by “not much” I mean, my junior high age child was not in school, as it was his spring break, and we didn’t vacation anywhere, but my older child and my own errands kept me busy just the same, maybe more so.  How does that happen?  Oh well, I did manage to get some work done on my new project I was wanting to start, yay!  Far from being anywhere near done, its at the very least started.

The wood for the main part of the box is sanded, stained and put together.  The top and bottom pieces are cut, but not yet sanded.  I even made it to Home Depot to pick up some hinges(not shown) for the top/lid.  It should go pretty quickly now… well at least that’s what I’m telling myself.  More to come on this VERY soon.  🙂

In addition to this project, I have plans for a smaller, keepsake box that I am going to make for my parents for their 55th anniversary coming up in a few months.  I bought transfer paper for both projects so that I can print and then transfer a design or, in their case, an image of the two of them to the lid.  I will totally make sure to post the process of creating that one!  I can’t wait!  Oh, and last but not least, a giant clothespin.  Yes, you read that right, A GIANT CLOTHESPIN.  


And just what does she plan on doing with that, you ask?  Well, I will tell you.  I am going to create a design on the wood, just in pencil, and then trace it with my wood burning tool, after which I may or may not stain it.  Then I am going to attach a heavy duty magnet to the back of it so that it can be placed on the refrigerator.  Cool, huh?

(no comments on the dirty keyboard, ok? this is our ancient computer that my kids have made a bit messy over the years.  yes, years and yes, it still works.  LOL)

Now, as I briefly mentioned in a previous post, I am looking to raise chickens in the near future as well as bees.  Although I am not sure when this will be, I do know that I can’t wait!  You see, we are wanting to move out of a large city and into country life.  Why, you ask?  Well, we are tired of the hectic day to day stuff and want to make things more simple.  And being that my youngest is going to be homeschooled after this year, as he has no desire to go to the gigantic, local school(nor do I want him there) I figured it would be a good time to start to make our move, or at least get the ball rolling in that direction.  Country life would help him learn skills that he’d never learn where we are now.  While he is more math and science inclined, as in building and creating things, I think that nature could spark his creativity as well.  Besides I plan on us having a “shop class” as part of our curriculum, I mean how could I not?!  

Anyway, for me, a slower paced life would mean peace of mind.  I’d enjoy not having to go-go-go all the time, even if it means working around the house, yard, etc.  And by growing fruits and veg(on a much larger scale than I have previously) I will know right where our food is coming from and that is quite important these days.  I like to buy local if I can and my own property is about as local as you can get.  So, that’s our plan anyway.  Updates to come…hopefully soon.  

Yes, this post was kinda crazy and all over the place, sorry about that.  They don’t call me CrazyHomemadeMama for nothin.  

I leave you with a quote I found…somewhere.  Could have been pinterest, could have been facebook…not sure…just enjoy!


“When you focus on PROBLEMS, you’ll have more PROBLEMS.  

When you focus on POSSIBILITIES, you’ll have more OPPORTUNITIES!” …unknown

 ~ ~ CrAzY mAmA~ ~


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