I’m Finally Back… And Know What I Want!

So, after a long absence, here I am.  I know I’ve said it before, but I am back for good!  I have, as of recent, begun to work with wood and wood-burning, aka pyrography, which translates to writing-with-fire.  How cool does that sound!?!  My latest crafty thing has a cool name and even better description.  LOL  Anyhoo, I have created several things for our home as well as some gifts for friends, which they loved.  I am always nervous giving crafted, artsy-fartsy stuff to my close friends as I am soooo self conscious about what I create, as art is so subjective.  But I did it and the world did not end, I was not shamed for crappy work nor did I get the “Uh…thanks…pretty” you get when you give someone a gift they don’t like and they’re polite, but you secretly know that they hate it and dwell on it for days…  Oh, thats just me?  Yeah, I know, overthinking…I do that A LOT.  So, how did the idea of gifting friends these artsy homemade crafts come about?  Well, I’ll tell you, it was my husband.  As I was working on a project for us, a wall hanging with our last name burned on it as well as some wrought iron embellishments, my lovely partner in crime says, “Hey, you gonna make those for our friends too?”  I was thinking about it at that time, but honestly, never thought I’d actually do that as our friends work in carpentry and such and I thought, this will just look so amateur to them.  As I said, though, my husband popped up with his comment at that time and I was like, well if he thinks its a cool idea, I just might do this.  So I finished our wall art(as seen above) and immediately got to work on some for our friends.  I also, in the midst of all this, made a wall hanger for one of our friends’ sons, for his birthday, that had his name burned in as well as the silhouettes of 4 deer across the bottom, which turned out great.  

Here it is.  Its not stained yet in this pic and the deer are not complete here either.  I’m not gonna post a pic of the finished one, but this gives you an idea of what it looks like.  The first pic is when I just started and had only cut-in the shape of the deer with an exacto knife.  I print a stencil, tape it down and trace the stencil with the knife, leaving a faint cut of the shape.  I then break out the wood burner and trace the cuts…as you can see below.

So, this all spurred me on to try other things…

I made a wine rack… cut from a wood pallet.  Seen this so many times on pinterest and other sites and HAD to try it.  Just used my trusty wood-burner to write WINE in 7 different languages across the front, sanded and stained with a dark stain.  It will hold 10 bottles of wine…which I already have. Love Love Love this!!!


I also made a rustic chalk board!  As you can see, in the first two, those are my basic pieces of wood I used.  The third is when I was working on the “pyrography” part, which is the bottom piece of the frame.  The 4th pic is that of the large “base” board(in the first pic) as I taped off its edges and spray painted it with chalkboard paint.  I have to say, other than the spray getting a little fiddly and making a few drippy passes of the spray, it worked out great!  The 5th pic is that of the frame pieces being clamped to the base after being coated with wood glue.  

(BTW: for this project I used Valspar spray Chalkboard paint and Elmer’s wood glue)



I added some wrought iron stars to the top and BOOM I am done.  I also trekked out to Dollar Tree today and snagged a big box of multi-color sidewalk chalk for, you guessed it, just $1.00.  I may make a ledge or a little bag that hangs off the bottom, to hold a few pieces of chalk.


Last, but certainly not least, I would like to add a few other little things I am working on.

On the left is a small slice of wood, from a branch that fell in our backyard. I took to making a pattern, starting from the middle and working my way out.  Its turning out nicely.  Not sure what I will do with it, but its fun to make.

On the right is a 1911 that I burned into the wood after printing a drawing out, taping it to the wood and “tracing” with my exacto knife.  This was VERY time consuming and my husband really got a kick out of it.  So far I have written/burned-in “We Don’t Dial 911” to it. LOL  I need to clean it up a bit, sand it and stain it.  I will add pics of the finished products here at a later time.

SO, all of this was to say, I have found a passion.  Never thought it would be anything like this, but it makes sense.  As a kid, I used to toy around in my parents garage with all the tools and sanders and stuff…and occasionally I’d get out my brother’s wood burner and “write” my name, albeit horribly, on leather and wood scraps.  I’d spend hours out there, just toying around.  

As I write this, I am formulating plans for my next, much larger projects… tables.  More to come on that later.  I swear I need to take more pics, so expect that too.  I will definitely try and document more of my steps I take toward my finished project.  Oh, if you were wondering, I have tons of wood from pallets as well as a large, old, solid-wood, bunk bed that my 14 year old didn’t want anymore.  It had been through both him and his big brother so it had seen better days, but just because I couldn’t sell or even give it away to someone doesn’t mean that I can’t use all that perfectly “distressed” wood.  I have yet to spend one dime on wood and won’t have to in the foreseeable future.  I even have enough to construct a small chicken coop, which we will need when we get chickens and bee boxes, which we will need to keep bees… but more on that later too.  For now, this is what I am doing and I am having so much fun at it!  Can you tell I’m a shabby-chic, farmhouse look, inspired gal?  Yeah, I watch LOTS of Fixer Upper!  

As Tigger says…TTFN!

RK~ ~ ~ ~ ~



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