Summertime…and saving!


Whew!  Summertime is here finally!  The end of the school year combined with the fact that we had some historical rain/flooding here in Texas made it a bit hectic.  We were spared any flooding ourselves, but many were not.  Even Six Flags had some flooding.  😦  There are still flood waters plaguing areas of our state and many parks and lakes which see huge numbers of people this time of year are completely closed, either for cleanup or because the water has not receeded enough to clean up yet.  But all that aside, our temperatures rose and we can now swim and visit the water park!


All this brings me to my first saving tip… Season Passes.  Okay, yes, they are pricey on the front end, but will save you a bunch of money and possibly sanity!  Think of it like this, one $100 season pass, that will get you unlimited entries into both a water park and amusement park  and has parking included, would essentially be paid for in just 2 visits.  Boom!  With two teenage boys either wanting to go to Six Flags with friends or us wanting to go as a family, we definitely get our money’s worth! And honestly sometimes a mom just needs to get the kids out of the house and away from the tv/video games to save her sanity and keep them from being total couch potatoes!  (Luckily, we live in a city with six flags and hurricane harbor!)  They offer meal plans for an additional cost at these parks as well, though we have not done this.  I am seriously considering it though.  Its a huge savings.

Next, if you live near a Racetrac convenience store, they once again, have their Freefill cups this summer.  For $7.99 you get a reusable cup that you can use all summer long…unlimited refills.  Oh, and it also comes with coupons for free stuff at their store as well and discounts of other things.  Our whole family does this.  8 bucks a cup may seem steep but when you go nearly every day and you get all the free snacks, its worth it.  So, you are probably thinkin, but thats too much SODA!  Its bad for you or too much sugar or what have you.  To counter any thoughts like that, I will tell you that i only let my kids have one sugary drink a day and this is typically it.  They can pick and choose what they want and love that.  Honestly I hate keeping 2 liters or 12 packs of cola in our house.  Too tempting for a soda addict like me.  LoL And this saves me money, gets my kids a drink THEY want and I can get tea or Dr Pepper (if I’m splurging)

Lastly, and i can’t stress this enough…Look at the grocery store ads and compare prices.  Now I know not everone will go to 3-4 different stores just to get the best sales on things, like me.  I know many dont have the time or the ability.  I happen to live near every major grocery store, with the exception of HEB, which i will drive out of my way to get to.  They are amazing.  But I digress…  Right now there are so many good deals on fruits and vegetables and its glorious!  Peaches for 87cents/lb, Strawberries for 97cents/lb, bunches of Fresh Spinach for 97cents, Onions 3 pounds for 69 cents, or mini sweet bell peppers for 1.99/bag. One because its summer and in season and Two because its a week away from the 4th of July!  Watch ads this week, when the new ones come out wednesday, and there will probably be some incredible deals to be had!  Right now the deal that stands out to me is at Kroger.  They have one of their buy 6 deals and on that there is skinner 12oz pastas…for 19cents each. So, buy 6 and spend  only $1.14.  I am soooo stocking up! Woohoo!

Oh and always remember of you don’t like to run around shopping at different stores or can’t, walmart and target both price match!!!  Walmart will do it right at the register and at Target you have to go to the customer service desk to check out.  Either way, you Can price match, just bring your ads you are price matching from!  And at target you can get the price match from another store and still use coupons for it as well.

Happy Summer and Happy Shopping!




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