So today was that day again.  The day where I spend half the day shopping for my family of 4 for the next two weeks.  Its never a simple feat, as I have described my ventures before, but its not hard either and its never boring!  I actually made it to the dairy for milk today and I also made it to one of my fave places to grocery shop, HEB.  I got pretty much all I needed, save for a few things that I will get this weekend at Aldi, as they are much cheaper for certain items, such as sauces and spices.  While its true that I like to try and buy Organic food, spices and condiments where and when I can, I only do so when I can score a good deal on such items.  If not, I buy what I can at the cheapest price possible, which is where Aldi comes in.  I also am picking up a produce basket from the local co-op this weekend.(Bountiful Baskets)  I do this occasionally…mainly when I remember to place my order at the beginning of the week for pick up the following saturday.  This is an awesome way to get fresh produce at a really great price and the best part is that you never know what produce you will get until the day you pick up.  Its always a full basket of 1/2 veggie and 1/2 fruit, but beyond that , because it depends on price and availability of the produce that particular week, its always a surprise!  I can safely say though that I’ve not been disappointed once with what I’ve gotten. The produce, when compared accordingly with its grocery store counterparts, ends up being half of what you’d pay at said store.  Its also great because, beyond a 1 time fee and the cost of your basket, there are not any monthly/yearly fees like other co-ops and you don’t have to do it every week…which is good because its a lot of food and its never happened that we have finished All the produce in one week.   In fact I chop, blanch and freeze what I cant use right away, before it has a chance to turn bad.  Now I know I sound kinda like a commercial, but I swear I am not just advertising. In fact its an all volunteer-run organization,  from top to bottom.  I just mention it because I enjoy it very much, it saves me $$ and I even volunteer myself when I order, to help sort and distribute to  the other participants.  Tomorrow morning I am doing just that.  I will definitely post pics tomorrow of what I get and maybe even a few from the morning produce pick up!


– – -CRaZY mAMa- – –


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