Produce Co-Op Day!


I don’t know why, but it makes me so happy when I parcipate in the co-op.  It could be that its a great community comraderie, this coming together for a common purpose of getting great food at a great price.  It could be that my family is more open to more veggies than they hav been before.  But for me its also the not knowing what I will get until the day of distribution and then, boom!  I have all this produce, some of which I have never bought and prepared before, much less eaten it.  Today was not a day of oddities though.  The only item I’d never prepared before, in any form or fashion, was beets.  Gonna have to look up some recipes for those bad boys!


This was a Bountiful Basket, indeed!


4 avocados

11 red potatoes

8 onions

2 beets

4 orange bell peppers (my fave)

2 packs of blackberries

1 head of cabbage

2 cucumbers

5 fuji apples

1 mini watermelon

6 bananas

1 pomegranate

This pic does not do this stuff justice!  Everything is so fresh and wonderful smelling!

With a cold front threatening to darken our doorstep in just a few days, I am thinking some hearty chicken and potato soup or some veggie beef stew may be in order very soon!  Mmmmmm, yummy!

That is all for now!  There may be a few recipes put up here soon!  Sooooo many possibilites!


~ ~ ~crAzy MamA~ ~ ~


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