It’s Punkin Time!


Hi again!  It’s that good time again. You know, pumpkin everything, time. We just got finished carving and cutting up pumpkins for decoration and for eating. Below is a pic of my sons carving work. We like the Dallas Stars in case you can’t tell.

image image image

He also carved a Bat and a Pokemon Pokeball. I thought he did great. Much better than me that is for sure. I had the pleasure of cutting and dismantling 3 pie pumpkins to make purée(something I’ve never done) and also separating the seeds for roasting…a tradition around here!


And here is about 2/3 of what my lovely pie pumpkins produced… 4 pints of pumpkin purée deliciousness. Can’t wait to cook with it!  It was super easy to make my own purée and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to store bought stuff again!  Score one more for this homemade mama!

Until Next Time.

CrAzY mAmA


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