Shopping Day!


As of late, I only shop every other week, as its just how it works out with my hubby’s pay schedule.  So needless to say, I have to shop for 2 weeks of food(for a family of 4…two being teens) and I have to find the absolute best bargains.  Today I didn’t drive down to the dairy and get my raw milk, but typically that is our big, necessary splurge at $7/gal.  Yes it is pricey but worth it when its the only milk my youngest son and I can drink and its so much healthier! (I will be heading down asap though…gotta have my milk)

Anyway, I shopped at Aldi first today, finding some amazing deals.  Eggs for 99cents/dozen, organic bananas for $1.19/bunch, a pineapple for 99cents, 3lbs of yellow onions for 69cents and 3lbs of golden delicious apples for $1.79…well those are what just comes to mind at the moment, but you get the idea. Oh, I even found organic tomato sauce in the discount bin for 59cents a can!  Woohoo!  I don’t buy everything at Aldi, but I always buy something(ok several somethings) there and like I pointed out, their bargain bin is a must to check out.  They dont always have things I want, but when they do and its a good chunk of a discount, I will buy all or almost all of the clearanced item!  My thought is, Always Stock Up when the price is low!  Here are a few more of my bargains from Aldi…


Pomegranites @69cents each, package of cranberries @$1.09, French Dressing (with bacon) @79cents on clearance, green beans @$1.39, 20141024_181020


Cream of Mushroom Soup @59cents, Mayo @$1.95, Neufchatel cream cheese @99cents and Peanut Butter @$1.69.

Not a bad haul at all!

Now, for my big shopping…I won’t go into all the details but I did score some great deals, using manufacturer coupons, store coupons, sales & just shopping for what I needed. For this I headed to HEB in Burleson.  Its a bit of a drive, but its worth it.20141024_180756

  They have bulk bins and it is awesome! I usually buy rice, quinoa, granola, nuts and seeds in bulk because its soooo much cheaper. (Quinoa@2.77, granola @1.82, flax seed @33cents (something which I normally pay $4 for if prepackaged,) and rice @69cents.) The beauty is you only buy what you need and still get a great savings.

Now, as for my other items, I got chicken breasts (boneless/skinless) for $1.99/lb, 5lbs russet (Texas) potatoes $1.85, pork chorizo $1, canned Del Monte pasta sauce 76cents/24oz, Strawberries $1.44/lb and fresh sweet corn 4/$1.

This is just a quick rundown and by no means ALL of what I bought…that would take a Long time to write, but its a good idea of what can be bought this week, for a good price.  Hope this is a help to someone, or at least a tad interesting to ya.


~~~Crazy MaMa~~~


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