So here I am…back at it again, its been quite some time since my last bloggy post. What can I say, life gets busy, it gets in the way and one thing leads to another and your months behind on updating. ugh!


So, without further ado…


In the months since I last posted, I havent really had so much go on that was different, just more of the same stuff. Let me elaborate. My kids are now in 7th grade and 11th grade respectively and I work on occasion for my hubbys company, along with my eldest son. Its not glamorous or fun but its $$. My kids are doing well, my youngest in public school and oldest homeschooled. These days I typically send my youngest to school with healthy stuff to eat in his lunch… turkey sandwich on wheat, granola, banana or apple, homemade crackers and ranch…that kind of stuff. I’m not saying he doesnt get sweet treats or sodas, just that they are not an everyday occurance. I rarely do boxed or frozen, grocery store, dinners anymore for suppers and stick as close to homemade as I can.  Too much junk, too many unknowns in the mix for me.  I like to know what I am eating.  Although my eldest, much to my dismay, is hooked on ramen noodles…not sure why, as they are much too salty for me, but thats a teenager for ya.

I have fully embraced the make-ahead meals, as they are so convenient and time saving. I make and freeze just about anything I can to help save time when prepping meals. Be it individual ingredients or whole meals, I prep and freeze stuff all the time. Whole wheat pancakes, breakfast tacos and next up enchiladas.  I may even try my hand at tamales soon.  This make and freeze process also comes in handy when I make a vat of cream soup of some sort or turn my frozen veggie scraps into a huge batch of fresh and incredibly healthy veggie stock! Just freeze in ice cube trays or plastic bowls, pop out and store in the freezer in large bags. So so easy!  Chopping and freezing veggies is also the way to preserve them when you have an abundance as is the case right now when a friend gave me a batch of their homegrown banana peppers or when I found the most incredible deal on onions…a lot of onions. I have also taken to dehydrating more things as well… Like the basil I have grown this year, that seems to be never ending which I can safely say is the most awesome thing ever! Or the times when I bought cilantro and parsley, needing only a small amount and had loads of it still sitting in my fridge after the fact. All those herbs dehydrate nicely and add so much depth of flavor to my recipes.

As I mentioned before, I have grown basil this year…lots of it and it is incredible. It has made my italian dishes that much more flavorful and has made quite a few jars of homemade pesto, which I just love. Other than my basil, I had planted onions(didn’t survive), potatoes(only got a handful of baby potatoes, but I cooked ’em and they were delish), bell peppers & tomatoes. The pepper plants only gave me 3 peppers a few months back and the tomatoes, well lets just say they were pretty, healthy plants to look at, but no ‘maters to speak of.  However, recently with our huge cool down, the pepper plants began to set blooms and have developed several beautiful green bell peppers and my tomato plants, that I had all but given up on,  began setting blooms just in the last 3 days. If all the tomatoes and peppers come in as I think, hope and pray they do, this will be a successful year of gardening indeed. At least for me. I swear in recent years I have had a black thumb, but my determination won out this year I suppose and I was set on having at least one great harvest. Well, with the success of my basil, the small peppers that are growing(which are edible at any point I choose now) and my tomatoes at the very least blooming I feel it was a success. OH and did I mention, all this is container gardening,  nothing planted in the ground…a decision I made this year, as last year most of my plants that were in the ground never grew right and never bore fruit or at most only 1 or 2. I knew herbs could grow in containers no prob, so I set about finding how to grow other things in containers and it worked!!!  Next year I plan to get larger containers or many more smaller ones and have lots more fruits, veg and herbs. I cant wait!!!  For now though, I am content with my October growing/blooming plants and I will be sure to post a pic of my bounty as soon as i can!



IMG_32924552640757 IMG_32915614200348



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