A Lazy Sunday Afternoon…Kinda

Another weekend full of interesting things and here it is, Sunday afternoon and I’m still going.  I recently started cracking down and seriously couponing and its quite amazing.  Now, its nothing like those crazy coupon ladies on TV or anything, but when I can get $30 of food/other items for less than $4 I feel like doing a happy dance.  Its helped immensely with our grocery bills and we are stocked up on lots of thngs for quite a while.  So, to stay on it takes time and patience and me heading up to the store for Sunday papers, every Sunday morning.  I then scour the weeks ads and coupons and see what matches up with the coupons from the current week as well as any from past weeks that haven’t expired.  Lots of good deals to be had if ya look close enough.  

I also finally made the marinated, roasted red peppers I’d been planning on doing forever.  Yum!  Recipe will be posted later as well as results of the first taste test.  

Next up, more kitchen cleaning.  So fun right?  Well, not especially, but I will be much happier when its done and my kitchen is cleaner and easier to navigate.

Until next time!


RK- – – – – – 


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