The Great Kitchen Clean-up

Alright, I have officially embarked on the big cleanup/clean out of my kitchen to make room for new stuff, get rid of old stuff and just clean up in general.  First things first, I cleaned my stove and the storage drawer beneath it which, not surprisingly, gets mighty dirty!

After that I set to cleaning out a few things from my freezer, namely ham bones and veggie scraps. And what did I do with them?  Throw them away?  Heavens no!  I put em in my stock pot and boiled em all day to make pork stock!  I have never done this before with ham bones, but in my quest to get every bit of my money’s worth from everything I buy, this seemed like the logical thing to do.  You don’t really think of pork stock often, do ya?  I mean, chicken, beef and veggie stock, for sure, but the idea of pork, I hadn’t even entertained.  So, I was thinking of things I could create and it dawned on me that I had leftover bones and…well, why the hell not make stock, ya know?  I could set it to cook and leave it all day while I cleaned, which is what I did.

While the stock simmered, I cleaned out and reorganized 2 cabinets, which needed it.  One was an appliance/canning pot/canning jar cabinet.  The other was my spices/mixes/general baking supply cabinet.  And boy was that needed!  I desperately needed to rid myself of old, outdated spices and things that were just forgotten in the back of the cabinet.  In the other one it was more reorganizing than anything, to accommodate for my new 16qt. pressure cooker/canner I just bought as well as a new pack of canning jars.  Happy with the results I paused until tomorrow.  I have MANY more cabinets filled with dishes and pots & pans to tackle.  A little at a time is my motto here.

Until next time!

RK- – – – – –


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