Salsa, veggie stock and yams!

Alright this post isn’t like my last, about our silly cabin fever, but it is about what I do when it sets in for me.  I cook!  Today I finally made the salsa I have been itching to make since Saturday.  It consisted of tomatoes, jalapeño, whole garlic, chopped onion and dried cilantro.  I drizzled them with olive oil and roasted them all, except the cilantro, in the broiler.  I cored the tomatoes and then removed the skin from the tomatoes and jalapeño and garlic I tossed all the ingredients into the food processor for a quick chop and voila!  Roasted salsa!  Turned out delish!

Next up I am going to make some vegetable stock.  It seems pretty simple and I love love love that it uses veggie scraps, or veggies that aren’t quite bad, but may be soon.  Its a good way to not let anything in the fridge go to waste!  Also, veggie stock is a great addition to soups or stews instead of water and also grains or pasta are much more flavorful when cooked in a stock such as this!  

Lastly, I need to cook up some fresh yummy yams a friend gave to me.  I am debating on just what I want to do with them.  Probably just peel cut and boil in water with a little sugar.  My kids’ fave!

Pics & exact recipes to follow soon!

Take care and always try to make something new and different!  I always do!

RK- – – – – – – – – – 


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