Iced In and Making Do…

Well thank goodness I had made it to the grocery store and dairy last Wednesday before this lovely weather hit Texas.  We have been iced in since late Thursday night(its now Monday afternoon.)  Technically we weren’t iced in, but chipping 2 inches of ice off my truck and driving down ice covered roads isn’t my idea of a good time…in fact it scares the begeezus outta me.  My husband has been doing that the last 4 days and it doesn’t sound fun. Our schools were out Friday and again today(monday) so we don’t have to deal with getting out if we don’t want to.  The streets are infinitely better though, so I could venture out later, who knows.  But back to my point, we have been making do.  Eating only what we have available in our pantry/fridge and that’s it.  I did get my produce from the co-op, thanks to my husband braving the cold and ice, so that has been helpful in putting dinners together as well.  I love my crock pot…let me say that again I LOVE MY CROCKPOT!  It has cooked quite a few of our dinners lately, producing thick hearty stews that warm us up after being outside.  And as a mom of a teen and tween, I have to say, THANK GOD FOR VIDEO GAMES!  I know we “shouldn’t let kids spend hours on games” but when its icy and severely cold and you can only be outside for short amounts of time and the rest is spent indoors, the kids need to do something that makes them happy and keeps them from tuning into crazed, bored people that want to tear each other apart.  whew!  Yep, cabin fever sets in easily around here. My youngest even set himself on a quest to find cookie recipes that he and I can make together for Christmas.  He found several of course and book marked them on his iPod so he can pull them up easily when we make them.  We already made pecan snowball cookies and he made his own brownie in a mug.  He is determined.  I may just have a budding baker.  

As for me, the laundry is not folded, the dishes are slowly done these days and my craft projects are on hold.  I have taken this time to relax a little and enjoy both my kids being here during the day.  I have been sleeping in, well kinda…by like 30 minutes.  I have plans for making gifts for Christmas and I have shopping to do too, but it can wait.  For now, I’ll sit here with my computer, snuggled in and warm and enjoy the day.  We will be back on the move all too soon.

RK~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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