Venturing into Couponing, Produce Co-Ops and Pressure Canning.


So recently I took a couponing class with a friend and it was very informative.  I really liked the class and got a lot out of it. We were given a stack of coupons to get us started and lots of information on how to SAVE SAVE SAVE.  Now, I am a frugal person to begin with.  I don’t spend that much on groceries.  In fact, I only “shop big” every other week, so what I buy HAS to last us(my family of 4) two weeks.  And this is where couponing comes in.  Every penny I save can help us out immensely.  This week I think I did better than usual.  I spent right at $100 and that included buying my teenager a new hoodie cause he outgrew EVERY jacket, hoodie, etc. that he has, as well as stocking up on my necessities for making goodies for Thanksgiving.  I used coupons as well as the cartwheel app and used my own bags, which took off another 5cents per bag on my grocery order.  I also joined in on a co-op to get a basket of fresh produce(6fruits, 6veggies).  My overall 1st time cost of that was like $21.  And with this one there is no annual membership fee or anything.
 YAY!  I will pick up my fresh produce tomorrow and I can’t wait to see what I get. That’s the thing with a co-op, you never know from week to week what your basket will contain, beyond fruits and vegetables.  Not knowing is kind of exciting to me and will force me to search out recipes for things that I may have never eaten or cooked myself. Very soon I will also be getting myself a pressure canner and will dip my toes into canning things other than the water bath canning of fruit preserves I have done so far.  So, if I have an abundance of produce that I don’t see myself using right away I will definitely can or at the very least dehydrate it so it is preserved and can be used at a later date.  I am excited.  Now that I am out of my comfort zone of that same-old stuff week after week I am happy and ready to learn/try new things.

That is all for now.  I will post pics at a later date of any results of canning, dehydrating, etc.  But for now, I am off to load up the crock pot with something delish for dinner tonight.

RK- – – – – – – – – – –


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