Let’s Talk Home Remedies

So, recently I came down with a nasty cold and, as per usual, it lingers with that lovely chest congestion making it difficult to function, much less sleep for any length of time.  I have been on cold/cough meds for a bit now and after a while I’m wondering if they even work anymore.  Desperate to find something else, something not a medicine in the conventional sense of the word, I took to the internet.  Now, I knew that honey and lemon were great for colds and have been using them throughout my ickyness, as well as honey and cinnamon.  Then today, as I got totally fed up with the cold medicine’s inability to help in any way noticeable, I found something that seems to be even better.

Take 2-3 Tbsp flax seed, boil in 1 cup water until the liquid becomes syrupy.  Strain out seeds, add 3 Tbsp honey and 3 Tbsp lemon juice to the syrup and stir.  Take 1 tsp as needed.  That’s it!  Not hard at all.  


Now some may not have flax just hanging out in your pantry like I do, and you may be wondering what is flax seed for?  Well, I have found its a great addition to anything you put sesame seeds on/in as they are the same size.  Its also a great salad topper and you can put it in smoothies for a great health boost.  Flax has tons of benefits and tons of uses…I just had no idea it was a natural cough syrup too.

This seems to be working great for me now.  Yay!  Your results may vary of course.  Just remember, that with any home remedy you must take into account your own health, any meds you are taking and if in doubt, ask a health professional before you do anything.  

Hopefully you are feeling well and not in need of a cold remedy!  And with any luck I’ll be feeling well soon too !

RK- – – – – – 


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