Won’t be fooled again…

…or in homemade mama’s terms, I must over-prep for every recipe!

So, today I decided to pickle/can some cucumbers I found at the grocery store.  They were a great price and I figured with the 5 of them I’d end up with 2 or 3 jars of dill-garlic pickles when I was done… And in my mind this Was overestimating it.  Even the recipe I found said that 8-10 cukes would yield like 4 pints and the lady that posted the recipe said that her 9 cukes yielded only 3 pints.  So, in my infinite wisdom, I prepped 3 pint jars…and went about mixing and heating the brine and cutting my cucumbers.  I realized immediately that my cucumbers were larger than the ones used in the recipe, so I thought I’d put one more jar in to sterilize.  It wasn’t until I got the jars out of the sterilizing pot and began filling them with garlic and dill, that I had still underestimated the amount of jars needed.  I packed them in the jars and realized I still needed more, so I prepped 1 more pint and 1 half-pint jar.  Finally it was enough.  Yay! Then I turned my attention to my brine.  Oops, there wasn’t enough of that either.  I prepped a little more, equal to half the recipe.  And darn it, if that still wasn’t enough.  I made a little more, and when all was said-and-done my recipe was almost double the original, when it came to the brine.

I ended up with 5 & 1/2 pints of dill-garlic pickles out of what I now consider jumbo cucumbers.

Lesson learned…but a yummy lesson in the end.  🙂


RK- – – – – – – –


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