Let’s Save Some Food and Money!

You ever get those notions that you’ll try a new recipe and you even go to the store and buy all the ingredients, but never quite get around to making them?  Or you make something entirely different and you have various types of veggies, herbs, etc just sitting there waiting to go bad because you just don’t know what to do with them?  Or maybe you bought too much?  Whatever the case, its always disheartening to think of good food going bad, simply because you don’t know what to do with it or can’t use it all.

I did just that (bought too much of one and didn’t have immediate use for others) so today I decided to get out my trust-rusty dehydrator and put it to work.


First I had bought a big bag of baby carrots and, well, they just weren’t being eaten quick enough so in they went. Secondly, I had shallots that I thought I was going to use, but turned out I never did and lastly I had a small bit of ginger root that I bought and I forgot why…LOL…so I put it in there too. I used my mandoline slicer (that I got very cheap at kroger or walmart) and my dehydrator I found at harbor freight tools for $25, while on a booooring excursion there with the hubby. Turned out to be not such a boring trip after all. 🙂 Regardless, I have had these to things for a while, they do what they are meant to do and I didn’t spend a fortune. Now, I can also save myself money by not letting anything go to waste. I have cilantro, jalapeños and mushrooms already dehydrated and stored and they rehydrate for sauces, soups and stews really well!
All-in-all, my cheap little appliances are saving me $$ and that’s what its all about.
On another happy note… We found a black, 4 slice, Sunbeam toaster on sale at Kroger yesterday for $8.75. WooHoo! I really needed a new one. My old one is like 16yrs old and about to kick the bucket! How’s that for savin some serious cash?!

RK~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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