From Trash to Treasure!


As you know, if you read my blog, that I am all about saving money.  Well, what I like even more is things that are free.  I am not afraid to take a gander at what someone leaves at the curb either.  In fact, we have been surfing Craig list for “curb alert” people.  Those that have stuff they don’t want and are putting it at the curb for someone to take, and then post on Craig’s list. This weekend we found someone giving away a sofa that, from the picture, looked in decent shape, save for a big rip in the arm.  It was near us, we had time, we went for it.  It was just as pictured.  I knew from the rip that I could get some heavy upholstery thread and repair it.  The throw pillows were a little worse for the wear, so I figured I’d mend the popped seams or do something else.  We got the sofa home and firstly I sprayed it with Lysol to disinfect, you know, just in case, though it was pretty darn clean.  Then we went to hobby lobby and got some thread.  We figured that once I fixed the rip, that I could take the throw pillows’ decorative fabric and make arm covers and stitch them on so that they would cover and protect the spot that I’d repaired.  My husband had an extra request, add a pocket to one of the arms covers, for his remote, phone or whatever… He just wanted a pocket so he doesn’t knock things on the floor.  LoL  So I set off working on these and all-in-all this sofa looks pretty darn good.  I like it, its comfy and best of all, it was free.  Yeah, I know I spent a few bucks on stuff to repair it and I spent a decent amount of time doing said repairs, but that is nothing compared to the cost of a new couch(which I could not afford right now anyway), besides I took something, fixed it and made it my own and that is awesome in my book.

***Above is the finished product (with old throw pillows). 




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