Well, not everything goes as planned, but…


My ricotta cheese making effort was not a total loss.  The whey from the mozzarella(which was a lot I might add) yielded maybe a 1/4 cup of ricotta, but it was good, really good.  And my dogs are loving me for adding the extra whey to their food.  They think they’ve hit the jackpot of yummy dog food.  

In other mishaps, we tried the canned clementines I canned about a month ago…not so good.  OK, I’ll say it, they were BAD.  They were bitter and just yucky beyond belief.  Luckily there were only 2 pints of them so it wasn’t a huge loss.  Probably won’t do those again.  Not sure what went wrong.

So today I’m back to my usual…I canned some vanilla peaches/plums.  One of my kids’ favorites.  Mine too!  I haven’t had them go wrong yet and I think it would be very hard to foul them up.  Its a very easy recipe. I could be wrong though and could have them not seal or have them mold or something…gosh I hope not.  These darn things are so tasty.



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