My delicious mistake!

Well, I did it.  I decided to make mozzarella cheese and, well, it turned out kind of somewhere between ricotta and mozzarella…but it was delish!

So first things first, I got my fresh milk…



I got rennet…



I got citric acid…



Instead of putting it on the stove, I warmed it in a glass bowl in hot water in the sink, a trick I found to work much better to bring the temp up slowly and not make it too hot or scorch the milk.


Once nearly to temp I added citric acid, gave it a stir and brought it up to 88.  Once to temp I added the rennet (dissolved in  1/4 c. water) gave it a stir and brought it up slowly to 105.


It quickly began to separate into curds and whey.


After to temp I scooped out the curds into another bowl, making sure to drain the whey and reserve it for making ricotta.


I followed the instructions but it still didn’t resemble “normal” mozzarella.

Though, it sure did taste like it… So I made a caprese salad to go with my chicken and…drumroll…It Rocked!  


Mistake or not, it was awesome…especially knowing that I did it myself.

Now…that reserved whey will be turned into ricotta tomorrow.  I’ll let ya know how that goes.  For now, though, I’m gonna enjoy the delish meal I created!




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