The time of laziness is over…



Well, its that time again.  The dog days of Summer vacation have come and gone.  My children are back in school and I am acting as “Learning Coach” for my oldest son as he begins home school through an online academy.  My youngest, he’s in public elementary school, and as always, doing amazing.  He finds school easy and fun. My oldest, he doesn’t.  The homeschooling decision was not an easy one, for any of us.  But when our son struggled through junior high and the first year of high school, we knew things needed to change.  He was at a very large school and it was too distracting for him.  We tried, he tried…it just wasn’t working.  We knew that he needed a different environment to learn and thrive.  And so far, it seems like home school, once again, is a good fit.  I’m so proud of him for understanding and for really working hard.  He likes that his day can a start early or late…he can take breaks whenever he needs to and there are absolutely no distractions. He is also way more organized, at least right now.  Now if I can just get him going on his workouts for his health lessons.  

Tomorrow we are doing a late school start, as he wants to go with me to pick up milk at the dairy.  He doesn’t know it yet, but he is being recruited to help me make mozzarella cheese when we get home.  Hey, its a teaching moment.  He gets to see some older little Texas towns on the way and he gets to go to a working dairy farm… Oh and he will be learning how to make cheese.  He is totally learning things he wouldn’t in a traditional school.  More on that later!  Cross your fingers for me! 🙂



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