Crochet Anyone?


So, I started crocheting about a year ago.  I had learned a while back, but never got the hang of it.  My grandma always made afghans for everyone in the family and I thought it was so cool that she could make such a thing.  Now, I am by no means as good as she was.  She could crochet nonstop while watching TV and having a conversation and I can’t do two things at once, so I just sit quietly and work on it a while and then I have to put it down for a bit.  Its not grandma’s skill level, but its pretty special, I think!


An afghan I made with the remnants of skeins of yarn I had.  Nothing goes to waste!  I made this for my hubby as a throw blanket, on those rare occasions he actually gets chilly.


A hat and scarf I made for myself.  Why not?


A work in progress.  Not sure where I am going with this…or even where I WANT to go with it, but when its done I will post a pic here.

~~~~~The top pic is of my homemade dish cloths.  I have five that I keep in constant rotation.  One gets too dirty, I toss it in the wash.  I have read about some that make these with cotton yarn, but I had acrylic yarn so that’s what I used.  It works great and they hold up brilliantly, even after many many trips through the washer/dryer.

Now, if you ask me how to crochet, I honestly couldn’t tell ya.  All the technical terms and double this, chain something, double half that, confuses me.  What I can tell you is to look up vids on YouTube.  It is how I learned most recently and it is what helped me actually get the hang of it.  There are detailed videos that can help the newest of newbies get started.  Practice, practice, practice.  That is the key!  Trust me, I was in that boat and now I can crochet better than ever before.  Though, its still not like my grandma’s, but I’m trying to get there.



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