Milk Run

Here in TX in order to get fresh from the cow, raw milk, you have to go to the dairy itself and buy it there.  So, in my quest, as I’ve mentioned, to get the very best stuff for my family, I located a dairy about 45 minutes from us and planned a quick trip for my sons and myself.  We liked the nice drive and the kids loved going to the real source, where their milk comes from.  They want to go again too.  Who knew they’d enjoy it so much.

It seems to be great for us.  I say this and its only the second day we’ve been drinking the raw, unpasteurized milk.  LoL. But trust me when I say that if it were to affect myself or my youngest son, we’d know by now.  He and I both cannot drink whole or skim or anywhere in between milk if it is pasteurized, so we’ve been on soy milk for a few years now and the more i hear about soy’s negative effects makes me want to get away from that.  A friend suggested we try raw milk.  She’s been getting it for her sons, one of which couldn’t drink the store bought stuff and he has no problem with raw.  I figured we’d at least give it a try.  So far so good.

Now, as with any natural thing out there, there is much debate about it, in fact some even say raw milk is dangerous and no one should drink it at any time.  I tend to disagree.  Its highly regulated.  A dairy has to be licensed to sell it.  And they are tested regularly to make sure there is no bacteria present in the milk.  Also, any reputable dairy has grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free cows.

Now I’m not making any claims that it will make anyone better or that it is better for You.  All I know is that so far My child, who CANNOT normally process milk at all, CAN now drink it without eczema breakouts and a horrendous tummy ache.  That’s good enough for me!!!!



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