To tell ya the truth…

ImageSo, to begin…a little about me.

I am a mom of two boys and a wife to a hard working husband!  We live in Texas, where I am from, and have no plans on going anywhere else.

In the past 6-8 months or so, in order to cut household costs as well as provide healthier alternatives to everyday food and hygiene products, I have “gone homemade” on a great many things.  I can pickles, peppers and my own jams and jellies as well as make my own laundry soap and bars of people soap.  (The pic is of some of my canning efforts as well as a bunch of my homemade oats n’ honey soap bars)

I can and will post recipes…the good and bad results too, in coming bloggies.  🙂

I have also begun to crochet a lot more and have made a few afghans and scarves as well as my own crocheted dishcloths…these are a great alternative to store-bought throw-away dish sponges.  They can be thrown in the wash with your towels or hooked over the rack in the top of your dishwasher to clean.

Lastly, I can be a bit of a geek when it comes to sci-fi!  I love Doctor Who and Supernatural…well OK that may be understating it a bit.  Just a warning though, should I fire off a random, seemingly unrelated quote, rest assured that, in my mind, it is totally relative to my blog.  And if you understand my quote, a gold star for you and I expect you to say something or at least give me a “lol”, OK?



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